Bai Ling Charged with Petty Theft - March 4 2008
Los Angeles City Attorney's office announced Monday that Bai Ling has now been formally charged with petty theft, she faces a maximum penalty of a $250 fine.

"I am relieved that the prosecutor has decided not to file misdemeanor charges against me and to treat this matter as an infraction," she said. "What happened was an innocent mistake on my part and I am confident that the truth will be told since I never had any intention of taking items without paying for them."

Bai Ling Accused of Shoplifting - February 15 2008
Bai Ling was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of shoplifting two celebrity magazines and two packets of batteries, totalling about $16, at Los Angeles International Airport. She was booked for investigation of misdemeanor shoplifting and released after agreeing to appear in court on March 5, she was cooperative and admitted to police officers that she hadn't paid for the items. Bai was due to fly from LA to Albuquerque to work on Ray director Taylor Hackford's next film, called Love Ranch.

Bai Ling married in Las Vegas? - July 7 2007
Bai Ling announced her plans to marry her new boyfriend (who she has been dating for a few weeks) in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

When reporters for website TMZ.com spotted the couple on the streets of Sin City on Independence Day, she revealed they were to wed in Las Vegas later in the day. Ling said, "I met him a few weeks ago. We're marrying in Vegas today."

But her spokesperson has since said no wedding took place.

Bai Ling: 'I won't stop stripping' - June 25 2007
Bai Ling has hit out at critics' love of her naked form - insisting they are the ones with dirty minds. Bai, who is frequently photographed in revealing outfits and has posed naked for Playboy, loves her body and being naked, and refuses to stop stripping. She said, "I believe the human body is basically a gift. It needs to be cherished, respected and celebrated. I love being naked. I think it's the human mind that is dirty not the body."

60th Cannes Film Festival - May 22 2007
Bai Ling arrives for the gala screening of French director Christophe Honore's in-competition film "Les Chansons d'Amour" at the 60th Cannes Film Festival.

Photo call in Cannes - May 18 2007
Bai Ling in a photo call for her new film 'Shanghai Baby' in Cannes.

Bai Ling Poses Naked for German Artist - May 09 2007
Posing naked isn't something new for our actress Bai Ling. And the Chinese beauty has agreed to again bare all, this time for German artist Udo Spreitzenbarth.

The sexy actress will bare all in a new exhibition of life-size prints at the Berlinale gallery in Germany.

A Chinese actress who also has fame in the United States, Bai Ling once posed naked for the famous men's magazine Playboy back in 2005. She was reportedly performing research for her upcoming film, an undisclosed film about the sex trade.

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"Bai Ling" in Chinese means "White Spirit". Bai Ling was born in Chengdu, in the Sichuan province of the Republic of China, on October 10, 1970. Her father was a music teacher, and her mother was a dancer and stage actress, but she was primarily raised by her grandmother after Ling's parents ran afoul of Chinese authorities during Cultural Revolution.

Bai Ling sang in her school choir as a child. At the age of 14, she was enlisted in the People's Liberation Army to served as an entertainer, singing and dancing for the troops for three years. Bai Ling clashed with authority and she found accused of insubordination for using tobacco and alcohol. She suffered from depression and was hospitalized... Read more

Upcoming Projects
Razor (2007) (pre-production) - Mary Wong
Shanghai Baby (2007) (post-production) - Lena
The Gene Generation (2006) (post-production) - Michelle
After Sex (2007) (completed) - Nadia
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