Anna and the King (1999)
Director:Andy Tennant
Genre:Drama / History / Romance
Runtime:148 min

The true story of Anna Leonowens' experiences as a governess to the children of an eccentric Asian king.

Jodie Foster stars as Leonowens, hired by the king of Thailand (Chow Yun-Fat) in the 19th century to help care for his children.

The king wants the best for his children, but Anna soon discovers that he is a strong-willed but quixotic leader, and her stay in Thailand becomes a struggle for power with romantic overtones, as they decide who will have authority over the royal youngsters.

Jodie Foster - Anna Leonowens Chow Yun-Fat - King Mongkut Bai Ling - Tuptim Tom Felton - Louis Leonowens Syed Alwi - The Kralahome, Prime Minister Randall Duk Kim - General Alak Kay Siu Lim - Prince Chowfa, King Mongkut's Brother Melissa Campbell - Princess Fa-Ying Keith Chin - Prince Chulalongkorn Mano Maniam - Moonshee, Leonowens' Indian Servant Shanthini Venugopal - Beebe, Leonowens' Indian Servant Deanna Yusoff - Lady Thiang, Head Wife Geoffrey Palmer - Lord John Bradley Anne Firbank - Lady Bradley Bill Stewart - Mycroft Kincaid, East India Trading Co.
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