Ain't it Cool: Interview about Sky Captain

QUINT: How did you first come to be involved in the movie?

BAI LING: Since my own journey is mysterious to me and the character is mysterious, so everything, seemed to me, was mysterious. I don't know... it's my fate. I come from China to Hollywood. I did not even speak any English... I know nothing... Fate played a role and bring me here. Probably, this role also... Along the way somehow I'm supposed to be this mysterious sexy woman from the future or the past. Actually, I worked for Jon Avnet for RED CORNER. He directed me. I think somehow since I come to Hollywood from China people discover me here a much more fashionable sexy woman than while I was in China. At that time in China if you talk about sex it's something not very nice, but I discovered something beautiful... It's more of a compliment to a woman if you say, "You're sexy."

QUINT: Yeah, I can tell you're digging on it by your earrings...

BAI LING: Yeah. "Sexy." I got this, actually, two days ago I was doing this premiere in New York for Spike Lee's movie (SHE HATE ME), so I was walking in the East Village... I (had been) shooting in China, in Hong Kong, I was jet-lagged. I got there I just wandered and got lost in New York City, so I found these earrings.

QUINT: You don't talk in the film at all, but you're a constant threat from the beginning of the film on to the climax...

BAI LING: Yeah, I think that somehow it's much more powerful, much more mysterious when you don't talk. You know, actions speak louder than words. I had a great time doing my character. It's difficult, actually, playing her because of the costume and everything. They made it have to be perfectly on you. It was uncomfortable, it was tight. Everyday we were shooting, often I get up for my call time at 5am... after the whole day I feel like a caged animal. I want to jump and get out. It was very difficult.

Also, in the film... sometimes they ask you to see a blue star... I look at there and the camera says, "That blue star told you..." I said, "Where's the blue star? There's no blue star!" He says, "Of course (there is)..." I say, "There's a yellow one, a green one..." Finally I take my sunglasses off and they change colors! You know, it's like you're inside of a perspective. I'm inside this cage of dress; beautiful, uncomfortable dress, behind the sunglasses my perspective completely changed.

My character is very mysterious, but I don't even try to figure her out. I was daring, dangerous, seductive... enjoy that moment. I also got a chance to kick Jude Law's butt! A lot of woman are like, "Oh, Jude Law! Handsome good actor!" I said I was much more lucky than most women because I got to kick his butt.

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