Dead Funny (1994)
Director:John Feldman
Runtime:96 min

Vivian Saunders (Elizabeth Pena) comes home one day to an unusual surprise: her boyfriend Reggie (Andrew McCarthy) is lying on the kitchen table with a large sword sticking out of his body.

At first Vivian thinks this must be some sort of joke, but she discovers that Reggie is indeed dead, and as she calls her best friend Louise (Paige Turco) to figure out what might have happened and what to do, it occurs to her that she blacked out after too much wine the night before and isn't sure what she did before she passed out.

After a few phone calls, Vivian's women's support group arrives, and what to do about Reggie soon takes second place to what Vivian should do for herself.

Elizabeth Peña - Viv Saunders
Andrew McCarthy - Reggie Barker
Paige Turco - Louise
Blanche Baker - Barbara
Allison Janney - Jennifer
Adelle Lutz - Mari
Novella Nelson - Frances
Lisa Jane Persky - Sarah
Michael Mantell - Harold
Patricia Scanlon - Woman from Brooklyn
Tanya Berezin - Next Door Neighbor
Ken Kensei - Yoshi
Bai Ling - Norriko
Samuel Baird - Know-It-All Painter
Carol Schneider - Woman at Picnic
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