Face (2002)
Director:Bertha Bay-Sa Pan
Genre:Romance / Drama
Runtime:89 min

Three generations of Chinese-American women struggle to reconcile tradition and family with their own needs and desires.

In 1977, Kim (Bai Ling) is an intelligent and headstrong Asian-American, whose mother (Kieu Chinh) is eager to see married off to an eligible man as soon as possible. Kim isn't interested in settling down just yet, and is dating a bright but struggling law student, Willie (Ken Leung). Kim is making some extra money by tutoring Daniel (Will Yun Lee), a handsome but irresponsible boy from a wealthy family. Why she doesn't just get a small business loan, who knows. Daniel seduces Kim one evening after she's had an argument with Willie, and while she has no interest in seeing Daniel again, she soon discovers that she's pregnant with his child, and both her mother and Daniel's parents insist that they marry.

It doesn't take long for Kim to realize that she and Daniel don't care much for one another, and Kim decides to leave America for Singapore, leaving her baby daughter Genie in mother's care. Two decades later, grown-up Genie (Kristy Wu) is even more rebellious than her mother, and while Genie pays a modicum of lip service to her grandmother, she's no more interested in settling down with a nice Chinese boy than Kim was.

Genie has been dating Michael (Treach), an African-American hip-hop musician; Michael is eager to make their relationship more permanent, but Genie isn't so sure, and her grandmother has no idea what to make of Genie's new beau. When Kim arrives on one of her infrequent visits, the three generations of this family find themselves struggling to find a commonground.

Bai Ling - Kim
Kieu Chinh - Mrs. Liu
Kristy Wu - Genie
Anthony 'Treach' Criss - Michael
Ken Leung - Willie
Will Yun Lee - Daniel
Tina Chen - Mrs. Chang
Melissa Martinez - Sue
Deedee Magno - Kelly
Les J.N. Mau - Mr. Huang
Tina Factor - Asian Woman
Diane Cheng - Mrs. Mar
Christy Qin - Jenny
Ruth Zhang - Mrs. Huang
Jim Chu - Steve
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