My Baby's Daddy (2004)
Director:Cheryl Dunye
Runtime:86 min

Three lazy pals find they're facing fatherhood simultaneously in this light-hearted comedy co-written by star Eddie Griffin. Lonnie (Griffin), G. (Anthony Anderson), and Dominick (Michael Imperioli) live stress-free lives with Lonnie's trash-talking Uncle Virgil (John Amos).

But when all three young men's girlfriends get knocked up at the same time, they're forced to take a long, hard look at their lifestyles. For G., who works at the family grocery store of his girlfriend Xi Xi (Bai Ling), that means saying no to criminal temptation and staying on the straight and narrow; for Dominick, it means taking time out from his busy career as a record producer and coming to terms with surprise revelations from his baby's momma; and for Lonnie, it means recognizing ghetto-fabulous girlfriend Rolonda (Paula Jai Parker) as the gold-digger she is and finding a new lady love without sacrificing his individuality.

Eddie Griffin - Lonnie
Anthony Anderson - G
Michael Imperioli - Dominic
Paula Jai Parker - Rolonda
Joanna Bacalso - Nia
Bai Ling - XiXi
Marsha Thomason - Brandy
Bobb'e J. Thompson - Tupac
Dee Freeman - Peaches
Randy Sklar - Brotha Stylz #1
Jason Sklar - Brotha Stylz #2
Naomi Gaskin - Venus
Dennis Akayama - Cha Ching
Fred Lee - Grandpa Bling Bling
Wynne Pon - Grandma Fung-Yu
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