Paris (2003)
Director:Ramin Niami
Genre:Crime / Police
Runtime:98 min

Jason (Chad Allen) is a stoic L.A. cop. As Paris opens, he stumbles down the strip in Las Vegas, obviously in pain, before collapsing.

We then see what brought Jason to this dismal state. Back in Los Angeles, his corrupt partner, Leon (James Russo), pledged his loyalty to Jason just before an apparent bust gone bad. In the ensuing chaos, Jason accidentally shoots Leon, crippling him. Leon helps Jason cover up the shooting, asking in return that he take a bag of money from the crime scene and track down a beautiful Chinese woman Leon calls "Linda" to give her half the cash. Jason reluctantly agrees, and sets off on a seedy trail through L.A. massage parlors and Vegas whore houses to find the woman.

With thugs on his trail to get their money back and Leon urging him on, Jason eventually runs into Shen Li (Bai Ling), Leon's "Linda." He learns that she's an illegal immigrant from China who's essentially been sold into prostitution to pay for her trip to the U.S., and that, while Leon claims to love her, he used his standing as a police officer to take advantage of Shen Li.

Forced to protect the woman, Jason quickly finds himself falling in love with her, and decides to help her escape the sex trade and fulfill her girlhood dream of traveling to Paris.

Chad Allen - Jason Bartok
Bai Ling - Linda/Shen Li
James Russo - Leon King
Ron Jeremy - Bartender
Biff Yeager - Detective Bill Baker
Nancye Ferguson - Brenda/Bartender
Belinda Waymouth - Tina
Raymond Ma - 1st Massage Parlor Manager
Jeni Chua - Mieko
Mimi Savage - 1st Nurse
Rosemary Welden - Nurse Stevens
John Snyder - Car Salesman
E.J. Callahan - Motel Owner
Irene Bedard - Sandy
Calamity Jane - Herself
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