Red Corner (1995)
Director:Jon Avnet
Genre:Drama / Thriller
Runtime:122 min

Hitchcockian thriller that sought to expose the civil and human rights abuses of that country's legal system.

Gere stars as Jack Moore, counsel to a large media conglomerate seeking to open trade relations with China, thereby delivering American television shows by satellite to the largest untapped market in the world.

After an evening out at a nightclub and fashion show, Jack goes home with a beautiful model (Jessey Meng), then wakes up the next morning to discover her dead body. To his horror, Jack is accused of murdering the girl, who is revealed to have been the daughter of a high-ranking general.

Assigned a court-appointed lawyer, Shen Yuelin (Bai Ling), Jack discovers that the repressive Chinese court system does not grant bail, encourages quick guilty pleas and executions, and looks upon him with disfavor for his Western moral turpitude.

Finally persuading Shen that he's innocent, Jack and his lawyer embark on an investigation impeded at every turn by Chinese authorities, eventually uncovering a plot to discredit Jack and his company's entry into China.

Richard Gere - Jack Moore
Bai Ling - Shen Yuelin
Bradley Whitford - Bob Ghery
Byron Mann - Lin Dan
Peter Donat - David McAndrews
Robert Stanton - Ed Pratt
Tsai Chin - Chairman Xu
James Hong - Lin Shou
Tzi Ma - Li Cheng
Ulrich Matschoss - Gerhardt Hoffman
Richard Venture - Ambassador Reed
Jessey Meng - Hong Ling
Roger Yuan - Huan Minglu
Chi Yu Li - General Hong
Henry O - Procurator General Yang
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