Somewhere in the City (1998)
Director:Ramin Niami
Genre:Drama / Comedy
Runtime:94 min

An ensemble character study set in modern-day New York City's Lower East Side, loosely adapted the Maxim Gorky play The Lower Depths.

Betty (Sandra Bernhard) is a remarkably introverted and lonely therapist hungering for a male companion.

In her apartment building, several other residents also have emotional, career, or romantic issues. Chinese student Lu Lu (Bai Ling) wants to stay in the U.S., so she interviews prospective husbands in hopes of obtaining a green card. Marta (Ornella Muti) is forced to sexually service her building's fat landlord daily in exchange for a free room, but she's in love with Frankie (Robert John Burke), an inept thief. Che (Paul Anthony Stewart) is a rich kid trying to incite a worker's revolt from his basement headquarters, while Graham (Peter Stormare) is a gay Shakespearean actor looking for love.

Their stories intersect in the film's finale, which involves the kidnapping of former New York mayor Ed Koch (who plays himself).

Sandra Bernhard - Betty
Ornella Muti - Marta
Robert John Burke - Frankie
Peter Stormare - Graham
Bai Ling - Lu Lu
Paul Anthony Stewart - Che
Bulle Ogier - Brigitte
Linda Dano - Television Producer
Bill Sage - Bill Sage
Steven Schub
Kim Walker - Molly, Texas Acting Student
John Fugelsang - Henry
Robert H. Shapiro - Larry
Kelly Dupre - 2-Kool
Jimmy Noonan - Brian
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