The Beautiful Country (2004)
Director:Hans Petter Moland
Country:USA / Norway
Runtime:137 min

A Vietnamese man looking for a better life embarks on a dangerous and eye-opening voyage to America in this powerful drama set during the late '60s.

Binh (Damien Nguyen) is a man in his early twenties who has never known his parents, though he is clearly of mixed-race parentage, which makes him an outcast in his community. Weary of being treated like an animal, Binh sets out to find his mother, only to discover she works as a servant for a wealthy white family who subject her to constant abuse.

When a household accident leads to his mother's death, Bihn decides to leave Vietnam for America, with his half-brother in tow. Unable to travel to America legally, Binh attempts to smuggle his way into the States aboard a ship; he's found out, and is sent to a prison camp in Malaysia, where he meets Ling (Bai Ling), a beautiful woman who has been forced into prostitution to support herself.

Befriending Ling, Binh eventually arranges for passage to America aboard a refugee ship, though the harrowing voyage claims the life of Binh's half-brother. Binh and Ling arrive in New York City as illegal aliens, and soon learn that life in America can be just as harrowing as what they left behind; eventually, Binh runs away, hoping to make his way to Texas where he's learned that his father is living.

Nick Nolte - Steve
Thu Anh - Mrs. Hoa
Bai Ling - Ling
Glen Bradford - Wayne
Thi Hong Bui - Crippled
Devin Carbaugh - Yuppie
Cleve Chamberlain - Viet Nam Veteran
Thi Kim Xuan Chau - Mai
Dora Chu - Bartender
Phyllis Cicero - Receptionist
Xuan Phuc Dins - Pham
Kirk Griffith - Ranch owner
Be He - Grandfather
Phat Trieu Hoang - Captain on Junk
Damien Hung - Eng
John Hussey - Jerry
Duc Thuan Khuong - Mrs. Hoa's son
Richard Lack - Postal Clerk
Wee Suu Loke - Official
Victor Macias - Mexican man
Thi Hoa Mai - Wa
Don McCoy - Police officer
Ganrasha Moorthy - Officer
Temuera Morrison - Snakeyes
Arthur J. Nascarella - Gruff
Damien Nguyen - Binh
Than Kien Nguyen - Riley
Thi Huong Dung Nguyen - Lady Barber
Thi Linh Phoung Nguyen - Exquisite
Thu An Nguyen - Old Woman
Van Hai Nguyen - Git Wo
Minh Quoc Pham - Guard #1
Tim Roth - Captain Oh
Carl Savering - Truck driver
Chapman To - Chingmy
Dang Quoc Thinh Tran - Tam
Libby Villari - Steve's ex-wife
Tang Vu - Headservant
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